Frequently Asked Questions

What is PBGH?

We are the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health. We are comprised of employer members that are leading the effort to redefine and advance the discussion around health care value, access, and quality on behalf of their organizations and employees.

PBGH impacts more than 2 million people through its employer member community by driving continuing education, knowledge and high-quality programs and services for health and human resource professionals. A non-profit organization, PBGH promotes health care and benefits strategies through education, collaboration and innovation among members. It is one of the country’s foremost business-only health care coalitions to provide an online certificate program.

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Why was the PBGH Online Academy created?

The PBGH Online Academy was created to enable professionals who are seeking to strengthen their knowledge about healthcare and benefits information, particularly as a result of the dynamic shifts in the health care market space, to control what and when they learn.

Human resource, benefits, and c-suite executives are focused on addressing the escalating cost of healthcare for employees and are seeking the critical information to quickly fill skill and knowledge gaps. As one of the country’s leading advocates for employer health care initiatives, PBGH is poised to help fill those gaps and empower employers to improve health care cost, quality and access for their organizations.

What are the benefits of the PBGH Micro-Learning platform?

Information changes quickly in the healthcare marketplace and often, business professionals find it difficult to keep up with the latest education to help their careers and their companies. To help, PBGH has deployed a micro-learning platform, which harnesses an emergent learning strategy that helps users quickly close skill and knowledge gaps.

PBGH micro-learning platform enables the delivery and teaching of content to be provided to learners in small, 15-minute segments on a specific topic or concept. Each segment is followed by a short quiz to test and reinforce your learning.

The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health Online Academy is focused on improving the level of understanding and expertise among professionals regarding important health care topics. The Academy helps HR and benefits leaders fill knowledge gaps and provides them with a valuable education that they can use to advance their organization’s health care goals.

The PBGH micro-learning platform delivers personalized instruction and feedback to help industry professionals improve health care and benefits opportunities for organizations.

How can I learn more?

For general enrollment/registration and course-specific questions, please use the pop-up chat box on the web page.

Additionally, you can visit Pbghpa.org if you are looking to learn more about the PBGH Online Academy or about the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health.

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